You received an .asc attachment from me. Here's why


If you're on this page, it might be because you received an email I sent that had a file attached with the extension .asc. The file is a cryptographic signature, which you can use to verify that the email is actually sent from me, and that no one has tampered with or altered any of the other attachments to the email. By default, I GPG sign all emails that I send which contain other attachments.

The easiest way to verify that the signature matches my public key is to use a mail client that supports GPG functionality natively. I use a terminal-based mail client called mutt, but I can also recommend Thunderbird, a full-featured graphical mail client from Mozilla. Once you have your client set up, you will need to import my public key so that your mail client knows what a signature from me is supposed to look like.

My public keys are hosted on my website, available at this link.

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