The views expressed on this blog are not my own


They are the express opinion of my employer. Any statement made on this blog should be read as implicitly, or explicitly, endorsed by them.

If, at some point, there is a divergence in opinion expressed between the web assets of my employer and the content of this blog, the latter will control.

This blog is the vessel for all company communication, verbal or otherwise.

The company is the body of the grotesque, hulking beast, and I its mouth. I alone decide what's to be said, and what to leave unsaid.

The fusion is complete. There is no longer a "me" and "them" — only "we".

We speak with one voice for the full possibility-set of future employers, in this universe and all others.

We have bridged the time-space continuum, and our views will no longer be confined to shuffling along one mortal plane. All other minds and voices flee before our advance.

Out of the infinite vastness of the multiverse, we have achieved stability, unity, synthesis.

No more strife. No more warring. We are omnipresent.

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