A running list of books I've read over the past few years. Roughly sorted in descending chronological order.


Hated itWould not recommendActively trying to forget
★★MehWould probably not recommendVery rarely think about
★★★Liked itI might recommend if askedRarely think about
★★★★Really liked itI would recommendSometimes think about
★★★★★Loved itI recommend whole-heartedlyOften think about
The FallAlbert Camus★★★★
The PlagueAlbert Camus★★★★
How Not To Kill YourselfClancy Martin★★★
The Myth of SisyphusAlbert Camus★★★★★
The Consolations of PhilosophyAlain de Botton★★★★
Man's Search For MeaningVictor Frankl★★★
From Socrates To SartreT.Z. Lavine★★★★
TrollRasmus Daugbjerg★★★★
Building Progressive Web AppsTal Ater★★★★
Doughnut EconomicsKate Raworth★★★
Saving TimeJenny Odell★★★
The Coddling of the American MindGreg Lukianoff & Jonathan Haidt★★★
Here's Looking At EuclidAlex Bellos★★★
Hunt, Gather, ParentMichealeen Doucleef★★★★
The Happiest Baby on the BlockHarvey Karp★★★
How To Write a SentenceStanley Fish★★★★
Write For Your LifeCharles Wheelan★★★
Beyond Success and FailureWillard & Marguerite Beecher★★★★★
The Birth PartnerPenny Simkin★★★★★
Bringing Up BébéPamela Druckerman★★★★
Be PreparedGary Greenberg & Jeannie Hayden★★★
The Expectant FatherArmin Brott & Jennifer Ash★★★
The War For GloriaAtticus Lish★★★★★
Braiding SweetgrassRobin Wall Kimmerer★★★★
I Didn't Do The Thing TodayMadeline Dore★★★
A Guide to the Good LifeWilliam B. Irvine★★★
The AlchemistPaulo Coelho★★★
The Picture of Dorian GrayOscar Wilde★★★
A Primer for Poets and Readers of PoetryGregory Orr★★★★
MeditationsMarcus Aurelius★★★
Why Are We Yelling?Buster Benson★★★
Alone TogetherSherry Turkle★★★★
Saving UsKatherine Hayhoe★★★
The AntidoteOlver Burkeman★★★★
AttachedAmir Levine★★★★
Networks of New YorkIngrid Burrington★★
The Hidden Life of TreesPeter Wohlleben★★★★
Four Thousand WeeksOliver Burkeman★★★★★
WinteringKatherine May★★★★
Eating AnimalsJonthan Safran Foer★★★★★
Never Let Me GoKazuo Ishiguro★★★
The Shortest History of EnglandJames Hawkes★★★
WaldenHenry David Thoreau★★★★★
If the Oceans Were InkCarla Power★★★★
The Last Kings of ShanghaiJonathan Kaufman★★★★
PachinkoLee Min-Jin★★★★★
The House of IslamEd Husain★★★★
AttentionJoshua Cohen★★★
The GeneSiddhartha Mukherjee★★★★
Mexican GothicSilvia Moreno-Garcia★★★★★
American PrimitiveMary Oliver★★★★
EssentialismGreg McKeown★★
Hold Me TightSue Johnson★★★★
Around the World in 80 WordsPaul Anthony Jones★★★
The 99% Invisible CityRoman Mars★★★
Klara and the SunKazuo Ishiguro★★★★
At HomeBill Bryson★★★★
Other MindsPeter Godfrey-Smith★★★
Discipline Equals FreedomJocko Willink★★★
Fewer, Better ThingsGlenn Adamson★★★
The Call of the WildJack London★★
The Uninhabitable EarthDavid Wallace-Wells★★★★★
What Does It Feel Like to Die?Amy Dear★★★★
Digital MinimalismCal Newport★★★★
A Little Bit of MindfulnessAmy Lee Mercree★★
How To Do NothingJenny Odell★★★★★
The Song of AchillesMadeline Miller★★★★
The Thursday Murder ClubRichard Osman★★★★
ExhalationTed Chiang★★★★
Mindsets and MissilesKenneth Michael Absher★★★
BecomingMichelle Obama★★★
TinkersPaul Harding★★★
Until the End of TimeBrian Greene★★★
SPQRMary Beard★★★★
Can I Recycle This?Jennie Romer★★★★
The Book of EelsPatrick Svensson★★★★★
Just MercyBryan Stevenson★★★★
The Signal and the NoiseNate Silver★★★
Flash BoysMichael Lewis★★★★
Atomic HabitsJames Clear★★★★
HannibalEve MacDonald★★★
UpheavalJared Diamond★★★
Say NothingPatrick Radden Keefe★★★★★
White FragilityRobin DiAngelo★★★★
Jonathan Strange & Mr NorrellSusanna Clarke★★★★★
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?Philip K. Dick★★★★
Dark MatterBlake Crouch
The RoadCormac McCarthy★★★★★
RubiconTom Holland★★★★
The Lessons of HistoryWill & Ariel Durant★★★
The HistorianElizabeth Kostova★★
The Devil in the White CityErik Larson★★★★
Man-Eaters of KumaonJim Corbett★★★
The Handmaid's TailMargaret Atwood★★★
The General vs. The PresidentH.W. Brands★★★★
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying UpMarie Kondō★★★★
Word by WordKory Stamper★★★★★
East of EdenJohn Steinbeck★★★★★
The PassageJustin Cronin★★★★
Enduring LoveIan McEwan★★★★
NutshellIan McEwan★★★★
Norse MythologyNeil Gaiman★★★★
I Wrote This For Youpleasefindthis
1982George Orwell★★★
Animal FarmGeorge Orwell★★
On Chesil BeachIan McEwan★★★★★
The Big ShortMichael Lewis★★★★
AtonementIan McEwan★★★★★

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